Parboiled Rice: Millions of Malaysians Now Can Be More Healthier – Who Never Thought They Could

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Are you the person who keeps complaining about eating healthy rice is time-consuming, expensive and the taste and the aroma of healthy rice is not as good as common fragrant white rice?

Well, keep on reading, because we have something for you.

Parboiled Rice is a great choice for everyone including diabetic patients

Parboiled rice (PR) contains natural source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Also, it has great amount of resistant starch which is great for your gut microbiome.

PR is better than any other form of rice. Your body can easily absorb the nutrients of PR, because the bran layer of PR has been soften and mixed into the kernel which is not going to act as a barrier to prevent your body from getting essential nutrients.

You would feel satisfied after having your meal with PR. Satiety is the vital key to keep you at healthy weight.

PR is slightly yellowish

The slightly translucent yellowish PR is the result of parboiling process.

Parboiling process softens the kernel, and forces the bran and other nutrients and minerals within the paddy blending together before it is milled.

The flavor and aroma of converted rice has been enhanced

Many people thought that yellowish PR had a bad flavor and aroma without even give it a try.

The truth is the state-of-the-art technology from Europe on making the PR is matured, cleaner and advance. Therefore, the flavor and aroma of yellowish PR is greatly improved. 

In fact, the scent of PR is great and coming naturally from paddy. Many fragrant rice senior consumers do easily adapt to the natural scent of parboiled rice, and of course, children love it too.

PR is beloved by children, youths and adults who taste it for the first time

With the technology we have, we are able to produce PR with the correct texture as they are with taste, so people who taste it for the first time are complementing about the correct texture and the right taste of PR.

You can cook PR with any cookware

You do not need to soak the PR.

Automated rice cooker, steaming or even a normal cooking pot is applicable for cooking PR.

The cooking time for parboiled rice is as quick as any other common rice you had been cooking before.

Cap Gajah® Parboiled Rice is worth your money to try

Let’s change to Cap Gajah® PR.

BONUS: If you are not able finish the PR at night, you could keep it overnight and make it into fried rice which is going to be very tasty as a breakfast.

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