Forms of Rice

Paddy Rice

Paddy rice is harvested directly from rice fields, and it is often referred as rough rice. Paddy rice contains hull and rice kernel (i.e. Bran layer, rice germ and white rice). This form of rice is not edible, and must be sent for further process.

White Rice

White rice has its hull, bran layer and rice germ removed by going through milling. The cook time for white rice is about 20 minutes or less. It contains much more carbohydrates than Parboiled rice and Brown rice.

Parboiled Rice

Parboiled rice is often referred as converted rice. Before the paddy rice is sent for hull removal and milling, the paddy rice must go through soaking and steaming processes; these processes are so-called parboiling process. The parboiling process softens the kernel and forces surface starch, bran and other nutrients within the paddy rice to blend together. During the parboiling process, the surface of rice kernel is formed into a different structure and it is slightly yellowish color, which makes the cooked parboiled rice into less sticky and separate-looking rice. It has better nutrient values (i.e. Vitamin B group, just-right amount of Carbohydrates, etc.) than regular rice. The cook time for parboiled rice is about 25 minutes.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a form of rice that only the outer hull is removed. Because of the presence of the non damaging rice kernel in Brown rice, it is rich in vitamins (i.e. B complex group) and minerals. Brown rice requires a cook time between 40 and 45 minutes.