Constant Upgrade and Improvement

We have been continually upgrading and improving our efficiency in the technology and manufacturing of the production of parboiled rice. Our factory has gone through many improvement stages where our one-of-a-kind parboiling process and milling process are now fully automated and 99.9% renewable energy. Our manufacturing procedures comply with the food safety requirements.

One-of-a-Kind Parboiling Process

Parboiled Rice are often get underestimated for its remarkable features in providing necessary nutrients that our bodies require. Parboiled rice is high in dietary fiber, great source of protein and essential minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium. Also, the parboiled rice is tested and certified for low glycemic index (G.I.).

We always ensure our parboiled rice are fresh and processed with the best way to secure the nutrient through our one-of-a-kind parboiling process.



& Cleaning

The very first thing that we do when the bought paddies arrive at our factory is to thoroughly clean the raw paddies to remove weeds, immature grains, loose husks and foreign materials. The cleaned paddies is then conveyed to the parboiling process.



Parboiling Process

After the raw paddies go through the cleaning, the raw paddies are conveyed to soaking bins to increase its moisture. Consequently, the bran layer of the soaked paddies are soften. Then, the soaked paddies are transferred to an enclosed area where the steam is injected into the soaked paddies. The nutrients and minerals are forced to move into the rice kernel.

Through the parboiling process, the optimal nutrient and minerals are secured inside the rice kernel. Also, the enzyme of rice kernel is deactivated to prevent rancidity. As a result, the flavor and aroma of parboiled rice is enhanced.

The parboiled paddies are carried to be dryed, and ready to be milled into parboiled rice.


Dehulling, Grinding

& Polishing

The parboiled paddies is dehulled to remove the husk from the kernel. Then, the surface of the parboiled rice are slightly grinded and polished to smoothen the surface.


Color Sorting

& Packing

Next, only qualified parboiled rice are selected by color sorting machine before it is packed into desired packing size.