Cap Gajah Parboiled Rice: The Highest Quality in the World

Thanks to the state-of-art technology from Europe, your rice looks even better in your bowl. Now you are able to enjoy your rice to the fullest.

[NOW] Cap Gajah Parboiled Rice 10kg & 5kg (保健米)

[BEFORE] Cap Gajah Parboiled Rice 10kg (保健米)

[BEFORE] Cap Gajah Parboiled Rice 5kg (保健米)

Certified as Low GI

Our parboiled rice has been tested and certified as low glycemic index (GI) by Glycemic Index Research Unit in Singapore. It is a healthy staple food for children, adults and diabetes.

Sustainable Product

We produce the parboiled rice using biomass cogeneration. We are one of the three recipient of COGEN3 (Full Scale Demonstration Project).

Best Texture

Our parboiled rice can be cooked until it is al-dente or as soft as white rice. It depends on the amount of water.

Delicate Smell

No bad smell like the other brands in the market after cooking our parboiled rice.

The Incredible Benefits of Cap Gajah Parboiled Rice

Let’s see why our parboiled rice is the cream of the crop. 

Did You Feed Your Gut Microbiome?

Our parboiled rice contains prebiotic and good amount of minerals and vitamins, so it can take good care of both the small and large intestines.

Is Your Blood Sugar Level Doing Well?

Our parboiled rice is low GI (glycemic index). In other words, the glucose in the parboiled rice will not cause blood sugar spike.

Has Your Healthy Plate Been This Good?

Our parboiled rice contains just-right amount of carbohydrate, and is an excellent source of fiber and protein. It provides the extra nutrients that health-conscious people and bodybuilders care.

Feed Your Gut Microbiome Now or Never

We help our customers to bridge the gap to achieve their longterm healthier lifestyle.