Rice Husk Ash

By-Product Derived from the Biomass Cogeneration Power Plants

We re-use the agricultural waste such as rice husk as biomass fuel, and burn the biomass in a furnace with controlled environment. The generated heat from the furnace is used to produce steam in a boiler and spins a steam turbine which drives an electrical generator. The saturated steam and electricity are used for the parboiling and rice milling processes. As a result, we produce tons of rice husk ash as byproduct after the rice husk is complete burn in the furnace.

For Steel Industry and Foundry

Thermal Insulating Covering Compound:

Low carbon rice husk ash is widely used in steel production due to its unique characteristics such as high insulating power, free-flowing, nonhazardous powder and expandability. With the great thermal insulating, it can reduce the heat loss on the steel surface due to radiation. 

How It Works

While the molten metal in ladle/tundish at about 1600°C, the rice husk ash is being spread over molten metal. After that, it creates around 1″~2″ of thick layer over the molten metal to prevent heat loss during the process.

The Benefits of Using Our Rice Husk Ash as Covering Compound