About Cap Gajah

Kelang Beras Co. Titi Serong Sdn. Bhd. is a rice manufacturer in Parit Buntar, Perak, Malaysia. Cap Gajah is the proprietary brand of our company, and we decided to use that brand as the name of our website. We produce two kind of rice: parboiled rice and white rice. Titi Serong Edar Sdn. Bhd. is the subsidiary of Kelang Beras Co. Titi Serong Sdn. Bhd. which produces renewable energy for the whole plant by burning biomass in the boiler. Only a few workers operate and monitor the plant because the whole rice milling process is automated. As the solid line of removal and separation machines and latest color sorter technologies from Europe are applied, we are able to produce very high and consistent quality final rice products.

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Responsibility Toward The Environment

The Mother Earth

We are environmental friendly manufacturing industry. Achieving the lowest possible carbon emmision as a modern rice milling plant is our target. The plant is operated by an efficient cogeneration by burning biomass. We have the capability to generate heat or electricity between 700 and 1500 kW without burning fuel gas.

Wastewater Treatment

We have a wastewater treatment installed in our plant that is capable to separate heavy solid wastes and treat it into at least standard B recyclable water.

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Vision, Missions & Values

Our Vision

Our vision serves as the navigator that guides our company by indicating what we must accomplish no matter how big the obstacle is. 

Supplying all families and restaurants the highest quality and lowest carbon footprint Cap Gajah rice products in order to create a healthier future for community and planet.


Every mission that we are working on serves as the materials that will allow us to build the frameworks of our vision little by little.

  • Marketing our products to the whole nations in Malaysia.
  • Becoming a brand that consumers will easily recognize and be loyal to.


Our values serve as nuts and bolts supporting the vision and show the potential we have to the world.

  • Leadership – The courage to take the first step.
  • Attitude – Never be satisfied with what you have done today, you can always do better than this.
  • Passion – Never stop improving/ aspiration for improvement.
  • Quality – What we begin, we finish it well.

Our Brands

Cap Gajah
Beras Titi

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