Eating Out Costs You 10 Percent More Calories


In an article “Eating Healthy Made Easy”, Boris Schneider interviewed Richard Hurrell that is WHO consultant and former human nutrition professor at ETH Zurich. Schneider started the interview by asking why the healthy nutrition is vital. Then, professor Hurrell replied that eating healthy and balanced meals could decrease the risk of obesity-related diseases.

Hardly A Day Passes Without A New Study Suggesting What and How Much to Eat

Schneider told Hurrell that there was always a new research telling people what and how much to consume. First, Hurrell agreed that the nutrition recommendation had changed frequently over the years. After that, Hurrell stressed that one must recognize the difference between nutrition advice suggested by book authors, journalists, and the general agreements among the professional groups. Book authors give nutrition advice so that they can sell their books. Journalists publish the nutrition articles that are based on a single popular study because they do not want to wait that long. As there are a few factors that can cause obesity, so the diet effect needs to be verified with many studies.

Eating Restaurant Food Costs Extra Calories

Obesity is a global issue, and the only solution to that issue is to cook food ourselves. Hurrell added that in recent studies found that food in all kinds of restaurants contains 10% more calories, salt, and fats compared to homemade meals. Professor Hurrell said it is easy to cook healthy meals using fresh ingredients with some seasoning, herbs, and spices.

Beginner’s Guideline for Healthy Meal

Hurrell suggested starting with traditional Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet contains fish, meat, grains, rice and a lot of vegetables. Also, he noted that replacing the butter and margarine with olive oil. This diet has been proven to have many benefits for cardiovascular health. Hurrell said limiting yourself eating a certain group of food, but it is unnecessary to stop eating any food. Lastly, a little glass of red wine a day is good for heart health.

All in all, the best way to stay healthy is to get homemade meals, and less dining out. Click this link for homemade meal recipes.

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