Cholesterol-lowering Drugs Do More Harms than Healing Arteries


Despite the sales of cholesterol-lowering drugs are growing at amazing speed, heart disease is still at the top of the list of modern diseases.

Without further ado, I am going to start explaining what arteries and cholesterol are, why cholesterol-lowering drugs are not good, and then the cure for the arterial plaque in the last paragraph.

Healthy Arteries and Clogged Arteries

Arteries are blood vessels that distribute oxygenated blood away from the heart to your head and body, such as brain, cells, and tissues. Arteries in healthy condition have a smooth inner lining so that oxygenated blood can flow through them smoothly.

However, in some cases, people do develop unhealthy arteries. Unhealthy arteries are clogged with a sticky substance which is known as cholesterol around its inner lining; as a result, it acts as a barrier which hinders the blood flow.

No Sign of Arterial Plaque in Most Part of Arteries except Coronary Arteries

Most clogged arteries are mostly found in coronary arteries. Why? Your heart never stops beating, and coronary arteries are constantly supplying oxygenated blood to your heart. There are many stresses and bends in coronary arteries while your heart is beating.

The frequent stresses and bends cause damages to the coronary arteries. As a result, the liver produces cholesterol to repair the damage so that it can prevent blood loss and infection in coronary arteries.

‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ Cholesterol is an Utter Nonsense

Conventionally, people have been told that low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is bad, and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) is good. That is a complete nonsense!

LDL is in charge of delivering cholesterol away from the liver to your body. HDL sends back the excess cholesterol back to the liver. LDL and HDL only perform activities when they receive signals from your body, so it is just a body’s natural response. Here is the point, how can something like natural response in your body be a bad thing?

Something that is naturally coming out of your body is not harmful. Your body only produces things when your body really needs it. For example, your body requires cholesterol to form vital hormones.

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs is seriously a Bad Idea

Cholesterol-lowering drugs are not the solution for arterial plaque. You would still die from a heart disease even you take Cholesterol-lowering drugs because your liver would still continue producing cholesterol to repair the damage coronary arteries.

Taking Cholesterol-lowering drugs would cause insufficient cholesterol to form important hormones for basic functions in your body. Cholesterol is an important component to form Vitamin D in your body while your skin is exposing to sunlight. As a result, Cholesterol-lowering drugs do more harms to your body than you would think.

The Cure: Vitamins (Especially Vitamin C) & Other Micronutrients

Instead of getting cholesterol-lowering drugs, you should consume more Vitamin C. Once you have sufficient Vitamin C in your body, it can replace the cholesterol to repair the damaged coronary arteries. Eventually, Vitamin C replaces the layer of cholesterol in coronary arteries. Vitamin C is a good replacement for the cholesterol because it can act as flexible glue to hold tissue together.

Other micronutrients from fruits and vegetables are important as well!

You can find more detail about heart disease and Vitamin C deficiency in this study.

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