Best Parboiled Rice Malaysia Manufacturer


Cap Gajah Parboiled rice from Kelang Beras Co. Titi Serong Sdn. Bhd. is the best Malaysia parboiled rice.

Parboiled rice is also known as converted rice

The benefits of converted rice are well-known in Africa, Middle East, North America and Europe. People in those regions love converted rice because it has longer lifespan, contains optimal nutrients and easier to cook.

Professional cooks prefer converted rice as one of their ingredients due to its unique slightly yellowish color and separate-look.

Parboiled rice is healthy for you and your family

Parboiled rice is good for children, young and old adults. It contains natural minerals, necessary nutrients, resistant starch and other dietary fibers which are helpful to your stomach and body. Your body can easily absorb the essential nutrients from parboiled rice than the nutty brown rice.

Parboiled rice is great for diabetic patients, because parboiled rice contains just-right amount of high quality carbohydrate and it provides great satiety responsiveness with just a bowl of rice.

Children or adults who do not like nutty brown rice would give extra love for parboiled rice.

Manufacturing parboiled rice is difficult than what you think

Producing parboiled rice from raw paddy is not easy. Parboiled rice involves more works and complex processes than brown rice and white rice. Those processes are needed to be precisely controlled and observed in order to produce a consistent high quality of parboiled rice.

The following is the three major steps of parboiling process for parboiled rice:

Soaking->High pressure steaming->Drying

The parboiling process is a key stage for parboiled rice. Parboiling process is where it starts to boost the nutrition profile of parboiled rice.

Moreover, by-product from the parboiled rice processes have to be carefully treated and processed. Treating the by-product adds significant cost to the parboiled rice manufacturer. The complexity of processes, high cost of maintenance and expensive heat and electricity have shunned away many investors from manufacturing parboiled rice in Malaysia.

However, the locally made parboiled rice is still a lot less expensive than the imported fragrant rice while considering its benefits are way better than fragrant rice.

Environmental friendly manufacturer & the best Malaysia parboiled rice brand

Choose Cap Gajah Parboiled Rice! The ‘Q’ texture, the taste and aroma of Cap Gajah parboiled rice is better than the other competitors.

Many children and their parents love Cap Gajah Parboiled Rice than any other brands that are available in Malaysia. No one can compete with us.

Kelang Beras Co. Titi Serong Sdn. Bhd. is one of the lowest carbon footprint producers in Malaysia. You could make the Earth a better place by supporting Cap Gajah® brand.

We use biomass boiler to generate our electricity and energy for production.

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